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Paul, Monika & Dr. Eule, Cordelia
Treating Disease with Vibrations.
The Method Musicotherapia con l'arpa®

We know what frequencies are and how they work from physics. However, we only really understand that they influence our entire life after reading this book. It is motivated by the question of how diseases can be cured without side effects and without intervention. So Monika Paul set out to find a concrete and easy-to-implement solution. In this search she came across the harmonic tuning of the frequency 432 Hz, which is not only in harmony with the human heartbeat, the replication frequency and the bi-hemispheric synchronization of the brain, but also with the Schumann resonance and the musical geometry of creation. Her sound couch is also based on this fundamental tone.

Let yourself be inspired by this innovative method. As complicated as the theory sounds, as simple is the practice, which makes it all the more convincing. The patients feel the vibrations of the sounds in their bodies, especially in the affected areas. Thus a diagnosis is possible within a few minutes. In combination with tuning fork therapy, breathing exercises, classical homeopathy and, if necessary, nutritional recommendations, their illnesses can be quickly and gently alleviated. Clear patient reports will convince you of their effectiveness with certainty. Read for yourself!


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ISBN 978-3-98730-018-9 (eBook)
ISBN 978-3-98730-019-6 (Print)


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